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Beware of other attorneys who guarantees a “slam dunk” result or that you will win on every issue you present. Every case is different, and no attorney will be able to fully evaluate and analyze every scenario during an initial consultation. A good attorney will promise only that he or she will fully evaluate your case and always advocate for your position zealously.

Come Prepared for your Consultation

It may not be possible to gather every document or piece of information pertaining to your case, but try to organize your thoughts, concerns, issues, and your expectations for your case into easy to read notes, prior to your consultation. It’s imperative the information you provide be detailed and accurate in order for the attorney to provide a reasonable evaluation of your options. Without at least some outline of your situation, it will be nearly impossible for the attorney to give you a realistic opinion and expectation of your case.

Since you will probably be paying for the attorney’s time during the consultation, you want to walk away knowing you asked all the questions necessary to help you make your final decision. You may have many questions or be unsure of what kind of questions you should be asking. Please find below some sample questions you may want to have prepared for your consultation if you plan to retain the attorney:

  • What retainer will you require?
  • What expenses or additional fees can be billed to me?
  • What are your client communications policies?
  • Who will I be in contact with from this point forward?

Consultation Fee

The first 15 minutes of your consultation will be free. Please understand, some consultation requires more in-depth information that cannot be covered within this 15 minutes. Therefore, it is imperative that you come fully prepared for your consultation. The consultation fee is $100 if it exceeds 15 minutes.

Do you Offer Payment Plans?

Yes, we are prepared to coordinate with you to ensure you do not experience exceedingly financially strain. However, we will not continue to work on your case if your payment is past due. We will not schedule a final hearing for your family case until your balance has been paid in full.

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